Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Personal Statement

My name is Emily Lee Hui Ling and I enjoy taking up challenges as they not only make life exciting, but enriching as well. Being a highly motivated person, I am driven to excel and take pride in everything I do. I aspire to inspire and perceive learning as a continuous process.

I am currently a second year undergraduate in the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Life science and concentrating in the field of biomedical science. Being part of this curriculum, it has allowed me to participate in research and gain valuable techniques and hands-on experiences across the whole spectrum of the life sciences. Besides that, laboratory work has instilled in me attitude of determination and discipline as I continue to persevere even when I do not get the expected experiment results. I believe that this is an important trait that all scientists and even aspiring ones, like me, should possess.

In NUS, I value all opportunities that can help me acquire knowledge as well as experiences to develop as an all-rounder person. Constantly, I explore many ways and channels to enhance my interpersonal communication, correspondence and leadership skills. As such, I do not restrict myself to science related modules and challenge myself to take up modules outside my comfort zone. I am presently taking Professional Communication as I hope to become a more effective and articulate communicator, maximising my self-esteem and confidence. Indeed, I have explored in depth the 7Cs of effective communication, meeting, job search and oral presentation skills. These are transferable skills applicable to my workplace and everyday life.

Besides studying, I am actively involved in co-curricular activities in NUS as well. This has helped to expand my social network and also challenge myself to take on responsibility in any club or society. As a marketing manager of Science Club, I have organised and planned events which required me to engage my team mates in discussions and draw up proposals to raise funds and sponsorships. Truly, this participation has provided me opportunity to hone my leadership abilities and to train up as a person of initiatives.

I am certain that with my experiences and skills, I will be able to play an important role and make meaningful contributions to any company I am in.


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