Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reflection on Oral Presentation

The presentation has finally come to an end and I feel a great sense of relief and satisfaction. My group mate, Fadzillah and I have put in much preparation, hoping to make it a good one. Although not perfect, I believe that we have done a decent job and I am proud of our effort. Nonetheless, there are still rooms for improvement.

Throughout the presentation, we made use of slideware like power point slides with good colorations and graphs to make them interesting. As recommended by our tutor to keep our slides simple to read, we put up point forms and most the time, we would try to engage the audience by elaborating verbally and ‘show and tell’. However, I think that we could do better and should have engaged them more so that they would not feel bored. In this case, more audiovisuals like pictures and videos could be used.

On my part, I feel that the main issue with my presentation is my speed of delivery. I tend to talk very quickly and occasionally, fumble my words. As a result, I would lose my train of thoughts. Before speaking, I made a mental note myself to speak steadily but I was too focused on my thoughts that words come out as quickly as I think of what to say. Perhaps my nerves got the better of me and I learn that having a cue card in hand would help to prevent a blank mind. Still, it is also important that we do not rely on our cards too much but maintain good eye contact with the audience as well. I feel that I still have to work on presenting smoothly and giving good attention to my audiences by maintaining eye contact.

Overall, I am aware that my performance was not as what I expect it to be during rehearsals. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect and I am thankful for the experience gained from this presentation.


Blogger sui sui stan said...

I think you had done a marvellous job despite being late and rushing just a second before the presentation. i could hear words clearly and you did not really fumble on your words. However I do agree that there wasn't enough audio visuals. Pardon me as i was not giving my full attention especially towards the end of it. Nonetheless, I still think you did a great job.

November 10, 2009 at 4:15 PM  

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